Généralités sur l’échange

Associa-Med joined IFMSA and became SCOPE active in 1999, thenbecame SCORE active in 2003.SCOPE/SCORE Tunisia hosts more than 250 incomings in SCOPE and 80 in SCORE! The creditgoes back to the hard efforts made by our exchange team members all over the years. Nowwe have more than 200 students (National and Local officers and their exchange teams) dedicated to exchanges.

In Tunisia, Associa-Med SCOPE/SCORE priorityis to make sure ourincomings have the best academicqualitytheycouldget ,not just for theirmedicalcareer but also for their self development.


Close to hospitals in a wellequippedcommonhostel for all incomings.


2 meals per dayduringclerkshipdayswith tradition. Tunisianfood!



Haouaria : The Beach

Put itsimply, there’s no better place to start a seasideodysseythanhere.


For our first weekend, hop on our boat and enjoy a little slice of utopiahere in thispiece of heavencalledHawaria. We are takingyou to an uncrowdedsanctuarywithcrystalclear waters, perfectrockybeaches, dramaticlimestonecliffs and wildswells.


Jump into the waves, snorkel in the vividaquamarine waters, and youwillfindplenty of littlegemsaround the rocks and reefs, justbe sure to pack a camera!

Cap Serrat : The Wild

For our second trip we are goinginto the wild, losingourway, findingour soul.


If you are the kind of person to enjoy a quiet getawaysurrounded by nature, this place willbeyourown patch of paradise. Diving straight into a postcard the gloriouscoast of Cap Serratisfringed by powder white sands and vividblue waters that not onlyoffersome of the best swimmingexperience but also a sweetlittlesanctuaryawayfrom the crowds.


Wewillbewaiting for you by the bonfire, the dunes willbeourblanket and the stars ourflashlights

South : The Desert


There isthisindescribablemagic about the desert. It‘s full of blessings and limitlessness, the sky is like an ocean and the crystal silence is like a great gospel.


For our last trip, we are divinginto the everchanginglandscape of the Sahara, fromhuge dunes and completely flat driedground to green palm oasis and evenrivers, youwillsee beauty in itspurestform.


Follow ourstepsintothissea of soft warm sand and discoverthis place of contrasts, a place of solitude and intense heat. Yetalso a place of music, stories, cultures and traditions

Academic quality

We em power your incoming seven in theirpreclinicalstudiesthey’reinvited to the operating theater not only to learn the anatomy but to assist scrubbed in with the senior doctors and workundertheir supervision. Wealsoprovide a set of valuable training such as practicalsurgical workshops, criticalreading of scientific articles and global healtheducationalongwith the undisputed UAT.

WhyTunisia ?

Tunisiais a smallpiece of Amber bordering the MediterraneanSea and Sahara Desert. Small but incrediblywonderful, Tunisiaisknown for itsrichness of nature, culture, economy and historywhichgives the country a unique taste withcountlesslandscapes to discover and endlessactivities.


Exchange Fair First Place EMR18

Exchange FairThird Place EMR17

Exchange FairPopular Vote MM20

Exchange Fair Audience Award MM19


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