Maciek from Poland

« I completelyfell in love in Tunisia.
It was as easy as fallingasleep. Firstly, youjust relax, then close youreyes and start dreaming. I dreamt about the goodbye party with all thatbeautiful souls greetingyoubeing happy thatyoufinallyarrived. I dreamt about laughter, joy, friendship, astonishingviews, alwaysspicyfood. I imaginedworking in hospital full of talented and friendlydoctors. I knewitwas a happy place full of surprises. And I couldn’t put in the words how grateful I was for meeting all the people, learningfromthem, their countries, feeling growingsense of peace and love. .
I will miss you all somuch! Thanksyou for havingsomuch fun together! .
Edour w metelkachkifiena! »